En rik og mektig høvdingætt brynje-element

The Chieftain’s House – the world’s biggest Viking Age longhouse

The Chieftain’s House is located on a hilltop close to the original site. From here, the house-dwellers had a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. It was easy to maintain control of the area. The house was visible from a long way off and was an unequivocal monument to the power of the chieftain. The house is divided into its original rooms, and authentic activities take place inside.

You will meet our Viking hosts in the Chieftain’s House and they will be happy to answer any questions about life in the Viking Age. Come in, sense the smell of tar and open fire – join us on a journey 1000 years back in time.

The Living Quarters

In the living quarters, you can study everyday life and handicrafts. It’s as though the Vikings have just gone out for a walk and may return at any minute. There are artisans here, too, working on various traditional crafts. Here you are allowed to touch and feel the objects, textiles, furs, and skins – welcome to a living museum.

The Feast Hall

The chieftain’s feast hall is a majestic sight with its wood carvings and ceiling darkened by soot. The chieftain was responsible for offering at least three sacrifices throughout the year, where food and drink were a major part of the event. Long tables and benches surround the fireplace. The High Seat is centrally located, not far from the original site. Many of the most important finds at Borg were made in this particular room.

Yggdrasil — the Barn

This large room was a barn and stable during the Viking Age. It now houses a permanent mythology exhibition. At the heart of the Viking world, we find the ash tree Yggdrasil whose roots extended to Åsgard, the world of the gods; Midgard, the world of humans; and Utgard, the world of chaos. At each of these roots, there was a well. At the exhibition, you can learn about Mimir’s Well, where Odin sacrificed an eye in return for wisdom; and Urd’s Well, where the Goddesses of Fate spin the fate of man. All around the world lies the Midgard Snake, biting its own tail.

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