Høvdingens gilde

The Chieftain’s Feast

The chieftain hosts a feast in the best tradition with all that Lofotr can offer. Good food in the right surroundings gives well-being and a memorable experience.

Vegetable soup or fish soup
Main dish:
Lamb from the Lofotens, wild boar and trimmings
Varies by season. Often based on wild berries.
2 – 3 hours (incl. exhibition, movie and meal)
15 – 200 people.

The Chieftain's Feast

Price (2022): NOK 1250 per person. Chieftain will be present if there is more than 40 people present.


NOK 50,-/ glass.
NOK 90,-/ glass.
Red wine
NOK 70,-/ glass.
Beer (small)
NOK 30,-/ glass.
Beer (large)
NOK 60,-/ glass.
Blueberry juice
NOK 20,-/ glass.

Note: Mead does contain Alcohol. Drinks that contains alcohol will not be served to people under the age of 18.

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