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Take Part as a Viking

If you can contribute with Viking-related handicrafts, relevant sales articles, activities or anything else Viking-related, then perhaps you would make a good Viking at Lofotr Viking Festival?

As a Viking participant, you will need to have something to offer the festival’s guests and the other Vikings. Something like a seminar, activities, a talk, a performance (concert, theatre, juggling, etc.), demonstrations of handicrafts, or a stall. We offer space for your tent, Viking tents for hire, a great atmosphere, lots of Vikings and a big audience. Get in touch if you would like to take part.

As a participant you will:

  • - have a great opportunity to visit beautiful Lofoten
  • - help create a distinctive festival with unique experiences and atmosphere
  • - enjoy a great atmosphere before, during and after the event …
  • - experience the museum area with its reconstructed smithy, Viking ships and boathouse
  • - have the opportunity of taking part in various historical contests and/or training camps for warriors
  • - learn new facts about the Viking Age or old handicraft techniques (or teach others your own)
  • - enjoy lots of music, song, dance and theatre performances
  • - enjoy locally made fare
  • - stay in the festival area’s scenic surroundings by the fjord – free of tarmac and mechanical noise
  • - have easy access to nature experiences in the mountains or on the water: hiking, bathing or the experience of unique peace and quiet
  • - be a guest at a Viking feast in the Chieftain’s House, where we serve a good meal and offer you a pleasant time as a thank you for this year’s collaboration


Enrollment for Lofotr Viking Festival is now open. There is a limited number of places, so you should act quickly. Enrolment closes when the festival is full, or on May 1.

You will find an enrolment form here.

Elin Tinuviel Torbergsen

Curator and Festival Manager
Lofotr Viking Museum
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