Spesielle behov brynje-element

Special Needs

Physical Disabilities

Special parking spaces for the physically disabled are found near Entrance «B» (authorisation must be clearly displayed in vehicle).

The museum is partially adapted to suit wheelchair users. The Glasshouse, with its museum shop, café (summer) and archaeological exhibition is easily accessible. Some of the thresholds in the Chieftain’s House are rather high, but the museum has ramps for these. Contact the staff on your arrival. The grounds are rather hilly and all pathways are gravelled. The physically disabled may be given permission to drive their cars down to the Viking ship moorings. Contact the staff on your arrival to obtain such permission.

The museum cannot offer transport facilities in the area. Visitors with various needs can take part in a number of our activities, but there will be exceptions/limitations. It is not possible to board the Viking ship in a wheelchair. Toilets adapted for wheelchair users are found in the Glasshouse (arrival area) and in the Chieftain’s House, but there are none out in the grounds. Toilets of basic standard: near the Viking ship moorings.

The Hearing Impaired

We can supply written accounts of the exhibitions in several languages to those who are hard of hearing. Contact the staff at the ticket office.

To those suffering from asthma

We often have open wood fires in the Chieftain’s House, and there may be some smoke in the building. In the large wooden building there will be a smell of tar and open fire. There are many textiles and objects on display inside.


The companion/escort system for those with special needs is applicable when certification is shown. The companion/escort will be granted free admission, the person being accompanied will be required to pay the full admission fee.

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