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Participate as a volunteer

Volunteers do many different and fun tasks. Volunteers are of great benefit to the festival, and as a volunteer you will be taking part in a fun, extensive and eventful festival – from the “inside”.

We need:

Helping hands and wise minds for a wide variety of activities, e.g. practical odd jobs, tidying up, collecting rubbish, cooking, activity leaders, photography/video filming and lots more.

You get:

The experience of a lifetime, many new friends – both Vikings and “regular people”, fascinating insight into festival work and Viking life, free food, free basic accommodations, and the chance of taking part in seminars and talks.

You do not need any prior experience as a volunteer, either with us or at other festivals. You should speak several languages, have an inclination to take part in what is going on and be willing to lend a hand wherever necessary. A cheerful and positive attitude is a must..

For further details and enrolment as a volunteer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.