Viking games and fun for children and adults

Vikings loves to play and have fun! Photo Nicholas Noreng/Lofotr Vikingmuseum

We love fun and games for both children and adults -come play with the Vikings!

Games and fun at the festival 2019

In addition to the programmed parts of the festival there is always something going on that YOU can take part in. Have a look around and do not be shy to participate. And no worries, all of the games and fun stuff are included in the entrance ticket (only exceptions are the workshops). Get ready for some fun!

Håløy-game of the day

"Håløy" was the norse name for the larger region that Lofoten was part of. A Viking that was skilled in games and fun was a valuable Viking. Being fit, agile and competitive were attractive skills. 

Every day at the festival area you can be introduced to a Håløy game. This will happen at the festival area, and the games will be lead by Lofoten Vikinglag. There is a different game every day. Come play with us! 

Juggling school

Björke's juggling school

Do you want to entertain a crowd, or simply challenge yourself to learn something new? We invite you to learn the basics of juggling and acrobatics with the artist Björke!

Both children and adults are welcome to this fun workshop.

Where and when: Every day at 3:30, festival area

Booking/registration: At the info booth, no later than 10 min. before start (price NOK 0, included in entrance ticket)

In addition: Juggling show every day at 12:00 PM (Wednesday: after the opening ceremony).

Viking Boot Camp - in search of warriors

To become a real Viking you must demonstrate courage, willpower and be fiercer than anyone else! Olaf the Beardless is coming to Borg in search of the best warriors. 

Ben Clarke travels from Great Britain to Norway to take part in Lofotr Viking festival. Or as he declares: -when weekend start I become Ben again – the rest of the time I am Olaf the Beardless!
-I bring my Viking Boot Camp to the festival. Twice pr day I will demonstrate the use of shields and swords and most importantly – let children of the age 7 – 11 try for themselves. I will introduce them to the fighting style of the Vikings and learn them how to defend themselves in a shield wall, he explain, full of enthusiasm.
When he is not at Lofotr Viking festival, Ben work as a history teacher – specializing in Viking age history. Through his company «Viking School days» he, alias Olaf the Beardless, travels around Great Britain presenting interactive Viking-presentations.
-Olaf is a Viking from the Norweigan coast Helgeland (Northern Norway) who has left Norway and settled down in Great Britain. Here he fights Æthelstan, king of the Anglo-Saxens. Now Olaf has returned to Norway to share his experience in fighting in Great Britain.

In need of warriors
Viking Boot Camp is a training camp that allows the participants to fight either as a Viking or an Anglo-saxon. Olaf is very much looking forward to this. But to arrange such a battle he needs warriors.
Who are you looking for, Olaf?
-I need the small warriors. The really tiny ones. Those who are smaller than you would expect. They have to be very brave. It is totally ok if they are nervous initially as they then have to overcome their fears. They have to give an oath to be part of the group. If they simply give me all they have got I will be impressed. The bravest ones might recieve a Viking bracelet as a token of Olafs recognition.

Started out as a volunteer
The first time Clarke took part in Lofotr Vikingfestival he was a volunteer worker. – Since I work professionally with Viking age history and children I was offered the possibilty to come back again. This year will be my 3rd at the Vikingfestival. I see more and more people come and take part every year, which truly brings me joy! It is such a pleasure to meet Vikings and visitors of all ages and from every part of the world.
The Viking Boot Camp will be conducted in English language – but Olaf have also learned some Norwegian and has never experienced any trouble with having warriors that speak different languages. He welcomes all, girls and boys between ca the age of 7 – 11 to learn how to fight like a Viking!

Where: Festival area
When: TO BE ANNOUNCED - every day, 2 times pr day. 
Booking: show up at Olafs tent no later than 10 min before start. ​
Price: free/NOK 0

Row or sail the Vikingship

​Every day during the festival, between 1200 - 1900. The ship runs continuosly. Line up for some fun! 

Viking games 

​Various games and fun are at disposal at the festival area all day long. Come play with us!

Archery and axe throwing 

Try your hand at archery and axe throwing - great skills for a Viking to have. 

Bueskytterkonkurranse for barn

​Every day the Vikings arrange an archery competition for children. Come join us - prizes for all participants. 
Where: festival area, archery field
When: every day of the festival, 17:30 AM

Horseback riding for young children 

​Every day 12:00 AM - 18:30, young children are welcome to go for short rides on the museum Nordland type horses. 
Where: festival area, by the boathouse. 

Food and beverages during the festival
Viking Art Competition 2019

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