Festival edition no 15!

Festivalavis 2019. Foto: Lofotr Vikingmuseum

​In 2019, the Lofotr Vikingfestival nr 15 takes place! We are very proud to present a program filled with Viking-fun-knowledge-workshops-games-craftswork-all ages welcome -fightshow-theatre-concerts and more! 

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Workshop, lectures and demonstrations

HAE_Lofotr_Vikingmuseum_23 Learn new skills in our workshops photo H Eilertsen Lofotr VIkingmuseum

True to tradition, during the Viking festival you may dive deeper into the Viking age and learn from skilled instructors. 

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Food and beverages during the festival

IMG_7239 Try food and drinks from the Viking age photo H Eilertsen Lofotr Vikingmuseum

Food and beverages are an important part of a day out at the festival. 

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Viking Art Competition 2019

IMG_4382 Drawing competition in Lofoten at the Viking festival

Draw the best Viking. By Olaf's tent, there will be a drawing competition.

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Evening events: The Dubhlinn Moorings (Wednesday, August 7th)

Foto: The Moorings

The Celtic band celebrate the Irish connection to the Vikings.

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Evening events: Eldrim (Friday, August 9th)

IMG_4383 Eldrim Viking age music at Lofotr Vikingfestival Photo Eldrim

Viking age music Concert. We are proud to present the band Eldrim. 

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Opening hours: June 1st - August 15th, 2019, every day, 10 AM - 7 PM

Opening hours: June 1st - August 15th, 2019, every day, 10 AM - 7 PM Activities and attractions for the family Photo Rebeca Franko Valle Lofotr VIkingmuseum

Opening hours vary through the year. From May 1st - September 15th the museum is open every day. 

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Lofotr Viking ship is getting a new rig (Wed 29th May - June 4th)

_F2A5377 Lofotr VIkingship Foto Kjell Ove Storvik

​The renowned sail- and rigmaker Frode Bjøru will be conducting this work. You are welcome to watch! 

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Easter holidays with the Vikings, April 17th-20th, 2019

During this year's Easter holiday, we have extra (and new) activities for the whole family on April 17th-20th!

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Children's Saturdays with the Vikings

barnas vikinglordag

​Winter, spring and fall, the Vikings are arranging some extra fun on Saturdays. Join us for Saturdays with the Vikings!

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Opening Hours Winter 2019

Lofotr Vikingmuseum open all year also winter photo HA Eilertsen/Lofotr Vikingmuseum

In the period Feb 1 - April 30, the museum is open daytime 6 days per week. In addition, you can take part in a Viking feast every evening!

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Seasonal Program - Winter 2019

Viking and young girl making rune amulets together.

Would you like to participate in fun activities in the Viking Age?

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Summer jobs 2019 - application deadline Feb 3 2019

Summer jobs 2019 - application deadline Feb 3 2019

We are looking for enthusiastic, happy and skilled persons for the upcoming season.

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