A living museum brynje-element

A living museum all year

In the Viking Chieftain’s longhouse, skilled craftspeople and guide are at work all year and create a living, authetic atmosphere in the impressive building.

They are happy to demonstrate their work for you and you are warmly welcome to approach them with your questions, both regarding craftswork but also regarding Viking life in general. Stepping into the longhouse is like stepping back in time. The smell of smoke and tar, the many beautiful objects, the atmosphere in the grand rooms – it all takes you back in time. You may touch the items, sit in the Viking Chieftain and Lady of the house’s highseat and try on helmet and sword. In the archaeological exhibitions you will find unique findings from Borg and the nearby area. Walk through the exhibition halls with the aid of an audioguide and your smartphone (or borrow from us) The Vikingship harbor is not available late fall and winter. The Viking ship is being put inside the boathouse ca by the end of September/early October, and is back on the sea ca medio May. This is though depending on the weather/ice conditions on the fjord.

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