What happens in June 2021

What happens in June 2021

In June the summer season properly starts at the Viking Museum. There is a lot of activity and a lot going on. Viking games, Viking ship, and the outdoor café opens up in the Viking Ship Harbor; artisans are present, and the Vikings' warm lunch is served in the Chieftain's House; and the museum café in the arrival facility opens fully.

What's on at Lofotr Vikingmuseum in June?

Opening hours can be found here.

Visit outside opening hours can be booked in advance (groups). When the museum is open: 

Archeological exhibition, film and the Chieftain's House is open. 
Bring your smartphone to listen to the stories about the findings that are displayed. (We cannot lend out ipods and headsets at this time due to covid-19 - please bring your own)
Viking Feast every evening for individual guests (prebooked) at 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM. (currently not available)
The Museum Gift Shop is open during museum opening hours.
The Museum Cafe is open during museum opening hours.

There is a lot of activity and a lot going on in the summer months. The artisans demonstrate their skills - and of course you are welcome to have a chat with them! You can try Viking games, see the Viking ship docked at the pier, try our treasure hunt and the animals on the farm are out on the large outdoor areas. Both adults and children can enjoy and have fun at the museum.

June 15 - August 9 (dates may be changed): 
Extra activities: shoot with bow and arrow, throw axes and horse shoes. The activities take place at the Viking Ship Harbor, where there is a nice environment with several reconstructed buildings.
Family activity: Lokis Tricky Rune Path

June 15 - August 9 (dates may be changed)
Enjoy the Vikings' warm lunch in the Chieftain's House.
Skjelterskjåen Café at the Viking Ship Harbor is open.

The Viking ship Vargfotr is docked in the Viking Ship Harbour. Boat guide at the pier from June 15th-June 30th (dates may be changed)

Authorities advice during the Covid-19 pandemic: advice from the authorities.

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