Meet the vikings

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.

Åpningstider/Opening hours


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01.02 - 31.04 *

Mandag/Monday - Lørdag/Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

Søndag stengt/Sunday Closed

01.05 - 31.05

Mandag/Monday - Søndag/Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

01.06 - 31.08

Mandag/Monday - Søndag/Sunday 10:00 - 19:00

01.09 - 15.09

Mandag/Monday - Søndag/Sunday 10:00 - 17:00

16.09 - 31.10

Mandag/Monday - Lørdag/Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

Søndag stengt/Sunday Closed

01.11 - 31.01 *

Onsdag/Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00 | Lørdag/Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

* Museum, exhibitions closed from 23.12 - 01.01 | * Viking feast every day except 24, 25, 26, and 31.12 | Changes may occur during Easter and holidays

  02.01 - 31.05 01.06 - 31.08 01.09 - 22.12
Voksen/Adult NOK 170,- NOK 200,- NOK 170,-
Barn/Child 6-15 år/year NOK 130,- NOK 150,- NOK 130,-
Barn/Child < 6 år/year Gratis/Free Gratis/Free Gratis/Free
Familie/Family (2+3) NOK 535,- NOK 625,- NOK 535,-
Student/Students NOK 160,- NOK 170,- NOK 160,-
Honnør/Senior NOK 160,- NOK 170,- NOK 160,-

Viking Feast and Northern Lights


Taste the Viking Age

Lunsj på historisk grunn

Viking Festival 2020

Lofotr Viking festival 2019

Seasonal Program for 2020

What happens in 2018 at Lofotr Vikingmuseum?

Lofotr Vikingmuseum News

The museum is closed for visitors. This is to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. 
​Monday to Friday in week 10 there will be various extra activities for the children at Lofotr Vikingmuseum due to local winter holiday school break.
​On Saturdays during winter we often have extra activities for the children that are visiting our museum. Small workshops, archaeology for children, guiding for children and other activities. 
 We are looking for enthusiastic, happy and skilled co-workers for the upcoming summer season of 2020.
​During the holiday season the museum is open evenings for those of you who wish to take part in a Viking feast. The museum is closed on daytime but exhibiton halls are available on the evenings for the Viking feast. 
​In addition to the open longhouse, the archaeological exhibition halls and the film, there is more going on on specific days. 
​Opening hours vary through the year. From May 1 - September 15 the museum is open every day. 
Food and beverages are an important part of a day out at the festival. 
Draw the best Viking. By Olaf's tent, there will be a drawing competition.
An exciting journey back in time. A wonderful, living museum with dedicated guides. Was also given a brief, supplementary account of how the museum came about.
Oddvar, Kongsvinger Norge (Trip Advisor juli 2017)
Be a Viking
It is the best cultural museum I have ever visited. It is a hands on museum where you can touch everything and experience how Vikings live. You can raw a giant Viking vessel, a great experience, do not leave the museum without doing it.
Earibal (TripAdvisor juli 2014)
Back to the Viking Age. The longhouse at Borg is truly worth a visit! Staff dressed in contemporary costume carry out everyday chores, providing insight into what daily life was like during the Viking Age. Cooking over an open fire and various handicrafts are also fascinating things to see. The Viking Festival is arranged every year around mid August. In 2017, it was from August 9 to 13, and 150 Vikings from home and abroad made camp down by the fjord where the Viking ship was moored. Here you can also see various performances, musical events, mock combat and you can also take part in archery and axe-throwing. A variety of handicrafts made by various skilled artisans are also available for purchase.
Mortvi (TripAdvisor august 2017)
Whow a professional replica of a Viking house And you can enjoy all the armor and tools as thy are all replicas and you can use them Feels like you are back in time.
Zoefff (Google bedrift mars 2018)
Fantastic museum. Dress warmly, as some exhibits are outside. Archery and axe throwing was a highlight!
Kylie Neale (Google bedrift, mai 2018)
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